Every sunday I stop my normal posting and just do "Promoted Work" posts. These posts can be used to promote artists and also projects like exhibitions, book launches, publication releases and Kickstarter projects. These promoted projects also get a thumbnail in my side bar for two weeks.

I consider the "Promoted Work" posts to be an opportunity to show a wider range of work even if it's not a perfect fit for the regular flow of my site - the portfolio / project just needs to be compelling.

I do not expect any kind payment or free swag for the promotion of your work but I do expect you to pay it forward by supporting other people's projects; going to their exhibitions; sharing their work; etc.

There is a waiting list for promotions but I will always make space for time specific projects like exhibitions, book launches & Kickstarter projects.


If you just want to see your work in the regular flow of The Quiet Front then send me a link to your website or blog. If you have very specific images that you want so show on my site, you can attach them and email me directly at contact[at]thequietfront[dot]com.

These submissions will go into my blog with proper attribution. Your work does need to be a good fit with the flow of The Quiet Front.


Important Note: The Quiet Front is in the process of creating its own publication and will be commissioning work to be produced as exclusives. At this time I am not accepting submissions for the publication (I may in the future). I do not consider any submissions to be exclusives and you should consider approaching other publications before submitting them here.


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