“Visually Similar” - Volume 1 of 5

I have thousands of images for which I have no source. I have either found them with no attribution or I have (unforgivingly) lost my original notes. Before posting these images, I put them through Google’s reverse image search so that I can, if possible, correctly attribute them and link back to the artist’s site. 
Google also suggests a large collection of images under the title “Visually Similar”, some are related and beautiful but there are also many more which are strangely unrelated to the original. “Visually Similar” is a little game I play where I roll through the collection of images which Google’s algorithms throw out and just pick things with no rhyme or reason.
(All thumbnails will take you to the original Google search URL for each image)
I started with this picture of Jacquetta Wheeler:

And found these:







Some of the stories behind the images are quite amazing:

"Private First Class Gurke was in a shallow two-man foxhole with a fellow Marine, a Browning Automatic Rifle-man (BAR-man), around dawn of 9 November, delivering a fierce stream of fire against the advancing Japanese in defense of a vital road block in the area near Empress Augusta Bay. Judging from the increased ferocity of the enemy grenade attack, that the enemy was determined to annihilate him and his buddy because of the fierce effective fire they were rendering, PFC Gurke roughly thrust his companion aside when a Japanese grenade landed in their foxhole and threw himself on the deadly missile. For his unswerving devotion to duty and uncommon valor in the face of the enemy, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor to PFC Gurke."


"Visually Similar" is very interesting to me but I'm only going to do a series of five, I'll give a brief explaination of why in the last of the series.

If I were to try and describe it would be this:

Reverse image search as serendipity machine.