Wish You Were Here

This is the painting I was working on before I hit the wall and had to go get a job. It's waiting for me in Cape Town. It 2m x 2m oil on gesso board. All the areas in sepia are still undercoat - there is still a shit load of work to do on it.

The portrait is of my friend Beggher, probably one of the most incredible people you are ever likely to meet.

The painting is an in-joke because some dick advised me to paint some scenic shit for money - that's Table Mountain in the background, I waited for the clouds to roll in and then just did my own thing. It's my "Wish You Were Here" picture postcard from the arse-end of Woodstock, the suburb where both of us live.

I'm looking forward to going back but I'll be lying if I told you that I didn't need a break from painting.