The Importance of Alan Turing

I was reading The Guardian this morning and came across this story about Alan Turing:

Government rejects a pardon for computer genius Alan Turing

Alan Turing is the father of modern computers, it is fair to say that the connected world and this very site would not exist without Turing's genius. The fact that he played a huge role in winning World War II by cracking Axis war codes can't really be understated.

In 1952, Alan Turing was convicted of gross indecency for being gay. The UK government has apologized for his shameful treatment but he has never been formally pardoned.

The Quiet Front is a largely a reflection of my own desires which are pretty straight but I love and respect the work of many artists like Robert Mapplethorpe, Bruce Weber, Alexander McQueen, Pierre et Gille and Herb Ritts, who have all made an incredible contribution to the arts. The idea that they should have been rounded up and hauled off to court for their sexuality is obscene and yet this is exactly what happened to Alan Turing, a bona fide hero.

The fact the laws have since been changed is irrelevant, Turing should be pardoned because this is an issue that goes to the very heart of our own personal freedoms.

If you are a British Citizen, please sign this petition for his pardon.