On the Future of The Quiet Front

I love what I do here. I've been influenced by a few great websites but I've never felt like I was slavishly following anyone; I am really proud of the work I've done. I've also been able to connect with some really great artists; some of them I can even count as friends.

That, unfortunately, is where the lovefest ends. A few months ago I tried to get people to support this project by running a campaign to fund a book of original works; I still believe that it would have been a beautiful collection of work. Support for it was abysmal. I have really been thinking about this whole project in the months since then.

I don't do this so that I can have an audience; I could give a shit about the number of people that show up here everyday. The reason I've put so much time and love into this is so that I can find like-minded people who will support it so we can go even deeper with it.

It turns out that is an extraordinarily small percentage of the visitors to this site; okay - that is my audience then. Everyone else? I don't know what you are doing here.

From December 1st this site is going to serve the people that support it. We're doing our book; by necessity we've had to spread it out over a longer time frame by only doing a few sets at a time. After we've published the original artists then we'll keep going and include new contributors. The password to get access to the site is published in the back of the book.

Artists and models can contact me here and I will give you the book / access to the site.