The Quiet Front - Book 1 on Indiegogo

I've been running this site for over 2 years and I've made some great connections. The Quiet Front Books are going to be a very important part of making this site a success going forward. As a reward for your help, our supporters are going to get beautiful content not available in the normal flow of the site.

All of the funds that we are raising are going to go directly into the hands of the contributing artists; I believe on paying artists for their work and not just offering "exposure". If we can make The Quiet Front - Book 1 a success then we can move on to supporting many more artists in the future.

We really would love your support. 

Thank you.

<3 Lawrence

Update: For those of you who are asking for a physical book: Yes! we are definitely planning one. What we are doing now is paying artists so that we have exceptional contributions and we will definitely be collecting these works into a beautiful quality physical book in the future.