Support The Quiet Front - Book 1

This site has been a labour of love and The Quiet Front - Book 1 is a very important step for the future - it gives us a chance to produce original works; it is going to be something really beautiful. The idea is also that these books will eventually support the site and help make it even better.

I have have put in countless hours of finding the best work, retouching thousands of bad scans and finding sources for really great art; if I cater to your aesthetic then you will be hard pressed to find a more consistent and better source. If you come here week-in and week-out then please consider supporting us and we'll do our best to give you something special. 

I'm not good with the whole marketing thing and I'm certainly not connected to any industry insiders. I have carried this whole project to this point and now a few fantastic artists have stepped up (hopefully many more in the future) and we would love your help.

Support us.