Ai Weiwei: 'Every day I think, this will be the day I get taken in again...'

Tania Branigan for The Guardian

"It's never about me," says Ai, now 54. "[My supporters] use me as a mark for themselves to recognise their own form of life: I become their medium. I am always very clear about that."


I think of The Quiet Front as something internal, a battle that you fight with yourself against your own limits and the easy answers provided by others but I am always reminded that in many places, the battle for freedom is not on a quiet front at all.

Ai Weiwei is my hero.

Ai Weiwei investigated over nude art

Jonathan Watts for The Guardian

Ai Weiwei investigated over nude art

"This year Ai has been held for 81 days in a secret location, questioned about subversion and then accused of tax evasion and given a fine of 15m yuan. Several of his assistants have been detained for lengthy periods and interrogated about Ai's political beliefs, business and personal life."


Censorship is just another stick to beat you with.