11 Underrated Photographers You Should Be Following

We all know the big guns - Paolo Roversi, Mario Sorrenti, Chadwick Tyler, Peter Lindbergh and Hedi Slimane. This post isn't about them, nor is about photographers like Billy Kidd, Eric Guillemain, Jonathan Waiter and Michael Donovan who probably are underrated but who still have a good following.

This post is about the photographers who I think are really underrated and don't get the credit and exposure that their talent deserves:

Ben Cope


There is not much to say about Ben Cope other than his work is as sexy as hell - working here with Katrina Hunter. You can find his main site here and his tumblr here.

Dusdin Condren


Delicately understated. Beautiful. I cannot recommend him more. You can find his main site here and regular updates on his blog.

Dylan Forsberg

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It's hard to put your finger on what is so compelling about Dylan Forsberg's work, it's almost like he shoots the images between photographs (does that even make sense?). Here shooting Laragh McCann. His main site is here and you can find his inspiration on his tumblr.

Fiona Garden


I love her work. You can find her main site here and her blog here.

Jesse Laitinen


The guy has got swagger. You can find his main site here and his more personal work on his tumblr.

Juan Pablo Montalva

Working with Coco Young on this shoot and a couple of cracking photographs here and here. Probably the most underrated of the underrated photographers. You can find his main site and blog here.

Karl Rothenberger


At first glance Karl Rothenberger strikes you as a good journeyman photographer - in his work with Ashton Phillips, he just let her do her thing - but I think he is a lot more interesting. Even his more straight forward photographs reveal a lot more depth on closer inspection. You can find his main site here and his blogspot and tumblr

Maarten Alexander


Here working Milou Maas. A very quiet aesthetic. I would love to own prints. You can find his site here.

Ryan Kalivretenos


A very elegant photographer. It just seems so effortless. Find his main site here and his tumblr here.

Sam Hessamian


I think he has discarded shallow production values in the search of some other essential truth. You can find his main site here and his tumblr here.

Yiorgos Mavropoulos


I really love Yiorgos Mavropoulos - very versatile but always good. His work gives me a warm feeling every time I see it. You can find his main site here and a more personal tumblr here.

I will probably do a couple more of these sets, I think a large portion of my favourite photographers are obscure and underrated.


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